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Robert Lewis Frazier
Christ Church

Telephone: (international) +44 1865 276493 & (national) 01865 276493
Citizenship: U.S.A. (I do not need a work permit.)


Ph.D., 1990, Philosophy, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Amherst, Massachusetts.

M.A., 1986, Philosophy, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

B.A., 1981, Philosophy, magna cum laude (top 3%), Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington. (Valedictorian, and Outstanding Graduate in Philosophy.)

Academic Posts


Delmé-Radcliffe Lecturer in Philosophy, Christ Church, Oxford.
(I've been a lecturer at Christ Church since 1 January 1994.)

After receiving Ph.D.

Tutor, Residential Schools, Open University, 27 August - 2 September 1994, 26 August - 1 September 1995, 10 - 16 & 24 - 30 August 1996, and 16 - 22 August 1997.

College Lecturer, Magdalen College, Oxford, October 1992 - July 1994.*

Tutorial teaching for the Institute for British and Irish Studies, Oxford, June - August 1993.*

Tutorial teaching for various Oxford colleges (Jesus, New College, St. Anne's, St. Hilda's, St. John's, Sommerville, and Wadham), January 1992 - June 1994.*

Visiting Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, January 1990 - August 1991.

Prior to receiving Ph.D.

Instructor, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, July - December 1989.*

Visiting Assistant Professor, Merrimack College, Andover, Massachusetts, January - June 1989.

Instructor, University of New Hampshire at Durham, Durham, New Hampshire, January - June 1988.*

Instructor, Worcester State College, Worcester, Massachusetts, September - December 1986.

Teaching Associate (1983-86), Teaching Assistant (1982-83, Autumn 1988), University of Massachusetts at Amherst.*

* = Part-time.

Fellowships and Grants

U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities grant to participate in J. B. Schneewind's seminar on the history of modern moral philosophy (Johns Hopkins University, June 22 - August 7, 1992).

Puryear Fellowship, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1981-82.


Articles and Entries

`Duty', in E. Craig, ed, The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 1998, Vol. 3, pp. 178-183.

`Intuitionism in ethics', in E. Craig, ed, The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 1998, Vol. 4, pp. 853-856.

`Explanation, prediction and control', in F. Dolberg and P.H. Petersenin, eds, Agricultural Science for Biodiversity and Sustainability in Developing Countries, Jordbrugsforlaget, 1996, pp. 1-10.

Entry on Joel Feinberg in R. Wilkinson and D. Collinson, eds, Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth Century Philosophers, 1995.

`Moral relevance and ceteris paribus principles', Ratio, 7 (1995), pp. 113-127.

`Act-utilitarianism and decision procedures', Utilitas, 6 (1994), pp. 43-53.

`Motivational ties and doing what one most wants,' with Peter Vallentyne, Journal of Philosophical Research, 16 (1991).


Review of Fred Feldman's Utilitarianism, Hedonism and Desert: Essays in Moral Philosophy, dialogue.

Review of Peter Singer's How Are We to Live?, Mind, 105, (1996).

Review of Roger Trigg's Rationality and Science, Philosophical Books, 37, (1996).

Review of Fred Feldman's Confrontations with the Reaper, Philosophical Books, 34 (1993).

Review of Applied Philosophy: Morals and Metaphysics in Contemporary Debate, edited by Brenda Almond and Donald Hill, Journal of Medical Ethics, 18 (1992).

Review of John Kekes' Facing Evil, Philosophical Books, 33 (1992).

Work in Progress

Book: Saving the Phenomenon: A defense of common sense morality.
- `Moral relevance and ceteris paribus principles'
- `Incomplete moral theories: guidance without guarantees'.
- `Ethical intuitionism: does it warrant the incredulous stare?'


`Incomplete moral theories: guidance without guarantees'.
- University of Liverpool, 31 March 2000.
- University of Leeds, 12 February 1998.

`Ethical intuitionism: does it warrant the incredulous stare?', the Scottish Postgraduate Philosophy Association's conference on the Philosophy of Value, 10 November 1996, the University of St. Andrews.

Led one side in a debate on the cryopreservation of embryos as part of a conference, Life in the Freezer, Winchester College, 23 May 1996.

Co-hosted radio discussion, ``The end of ideology'', Oxford student radio (OXYGEN), May 1995.

Invited paper on the philosophy of applied science, `Explanation, prediction and control', for a meeting on agriculture, biodiversity and sustainability at Tune Landboskole, Denmark, April 3 1995. (See above.)

`Ethical Pluralism and Ethical Particularism', Wolfson Philosophy Society, Oxford, November 1991.

`Act-Utilitarianism and Decision Procedures'.
- Wolfson Philosophy Society, Oxford, May, 1991
- Pacific Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, March 1991 (refereed)
- Virginia Philosophical Association, October 1990 (refereed).

Comments on Alfred Mele's `Motivational Ties', Eastern Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, December 1990.

(I've also read a number of papers at a local discussion group.)



University Lectures

Descartes's Meditations.
Philosophy of Social Science.

Tutorials for Preliminary Examinations and Honours Moderations

General Philosophy (Descartes's Meditations)
Maths and Philosophy (Russell's Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy)
Maths and Philosophy (Frege's Foundations of Arithmetic)
Moral Philosophy (Mill's Utilitarianism)

Tutorials for Final Honour Schools

History of Philosophy from Descartes to Kant
Knowledge and Reality
Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Psychology and Neuroscience
Philosophy of Science and Social Science
Theory of Politics
The Philosophy of Logic and Language
Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics (in translation).

Revision Classes

Ethics, History, Mind, Philosophy of Science and Theory of Politics.


Ancient Philosophy: Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics in translation, Epistemology and Metaphysics (replaced by Knowledge and Reality), Moral and Political Philosophy (replaced by Ethics and Theory of Politics), Philosophical Logic (replaced by Logic and Language), Philosophy of Language (replace by Logic and Language), and Philosophy of Science and Psychology (replaced by Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Psychology and Neuroscience)

Courses Taught in the USA

Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of Human Nature, Ethics, History of Ethics, Logic, Informal Logic, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Religion, and Philosophy of Science.

Other Teaching

Capital Punishment, Euthanasia and Suicide.
Moral Theory.
(Sections of the Open University's course on Life and Death).

Free Will and Determinism (for The Institute for British and Irish Studies).

IT related

Maintain my website, which has announcements of interest to local undergraduates, a discussion forum, most of my reading lists and some of my work.

Webmaster for the Sub-faculty of Philosophy, Oxford University (August 2000 -- May 2002). The responsibilities included the design of the site, developing the content, and keeping the information on it up-to-date.

Computer/network security work for Christ Church (unix/linux only).
- Setup and maintain the security firewall for the Treasury's subnetwork.
- Setup and maintain the base operating system for the college's webserver.


PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) Examination Assessor, Oxford University (2004)
- Papers marked: Philosophy of Social Science; Logic and Language; and Theory of Politics.

PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) Examination Board, Oxford University (2000-2003)
- Papers marked: History of Philosophy; Knowledge and Reality; Ethics; Philosophy of Social Science; Logic and Language; Theory of Politics.
- Papers set (in collaboration with colleagues): Ethics; Knowledge and Reality; Philosophy of Social Science.

Senior Member/Treasurer, Oxford University Cycling Club, 2001 - 2009.

Treasurer and member of the Management Committee for the British Society for Ethical Theory (1997 - 2002).

Secretary to the Philosophical Society, Oxford, 2000-2001.

Manuscript referee for Oxford University Press.

Manuscript referee for Routledge.

Referee for the International Journal of Philosophical Studies.

Examiner for the Open University.

Search Committee for the V.P. for Academic Affairs/Provost, 1984, University of Massachusetts (representing the university's graduate students).

Graduate Student Senate, 1983-84, University of Massachusetts.

University Finance Committee, 1980-81, Western Washington University (representing the university's undergraduate students).

Board of Directors, Associated Students, 1980-81, Western Washington University.

U.S. Coast Guard, Radioman, RM2, USCGC Midgett 1974-1978.


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Congregation, Oxford University.

Sub-faculty of Philosophy, Oxford University.

British Society for Ethical Theory.


`Right-Making Characteristics and Morally Right Acts'. (Committee: Robert Paul Wolff (director), Bruce Aune, Fred Feldman and Nicholas Xenos).

Robert L. Frazier