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A picture is seldom worth anything like a thousand words, but, still, pictures are interesting.

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A selection of my pictures.


Churches, cathedrals, chapels, and surrounds.


Various places I’ve visited.


I have very few portraits. People don’t often volunteer to be photographed, and I’m too shy to ask. (Hint, hint.) And even when they volunteer and a very nice picture is produced, they sometimes aren’t keen to have the picture posted on the web (you know who you are).


Pictures of my cameras.

I used a film camera (Pentax K1000) in the early 1980s, but didn’t do any photography from the mid ’80s until the mid ’90s. Then I started using various digitial cameras, ending up with another Pentax, a K10D DSLR. Then I started using film again. And that is my preferred medium. I now only use the DSLR for documentary work, and when taking pictures using a microscrope. For everything else, I use film. I have a number of film cameras.